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    What is Active Minds?

    Active Minds are fun and stimulating sessions designed to maintain someone’s cognitive function as well as concentrating on wellbeing and physical therapy. Each session will have 5 people in the group and will be facilitated by a specialist CST dementia coach. The sessions will last 2.5 hours and are targeted towards a different aspect of the brain including:

    • Language
    • Memory (reminiscence)
    • Numeracy
    • Categorising
    • Geographical locations

    The sessions will be measured to ensure what we do makes a difference to someone’s mental health and quality of life.

    They also offer much needed respite for the family and carers.

    Daytime wellness hub

    Where do the sessions run?

    The Active Minds sessions will be taking place at SEACHANGE every week.

    Address: SEACHANGE (previously Budleigh Hub), East Budleigh Road, Budleigh Salterton, EX9 6HF

    Information about the hub: 01395 446896

    To book a session: 07908 639736

    Timetable of activities

    Please see the table below showing an example of the day’s activities. There will be 2 sessions per day and individuals can come to as many as they like.

    Active Minds

    Types of activities covered in the sessions – Reminiscence, creative and practical activities, music, discussions focussed on opinions and not on facts, cognitive games such as word or number games, physical games, orientation such as seasonal activities and observations.

    Active Minds

    Key benefits

    • Improving memory and thinking skills, especially around recognition and use of words and numbers
    • The sessions aid recall and concentration skills
    • Encouraging new ideas, thoughts and associations
    • Great for social and communication skills and increased confidence through connecting with others
    • Involvement and inclusion to help alleviate feelings of isolation
    • Increased wellbeing through fun and enjoyable activities
    • Our sessions will always take into account the interests, history, skills and abilities of the individual and all group members
    • The sessions are based on implicit learning – which generally means the cognitive benefits happens without people noticing
    • Respite for family and carers

    Costs & free session

    Our sessions are £45 for a half day.

    We understand that for some people this will be a new experience, which is why we offer the first session for FREE. This will enable you to experience the benefits of our sessions for yourself, as well as familiarise yourself with our team and the ways in which we work. We can visit you at home first to have a chat about the service.

    The the Seachange Hub we are able to offer transport within the East Devon area for those who may struggle to get to the venue – The Hub will collect your loved one and drop them home after a session!

    Please contact us for more information, to arrange your free trial session or for a home visit.

    Get signed up!

    To get signed up for one of our sessions, please phone the SEACHANGE Reception, Jonathan Hanbury or the East Devon Coordinator from The Ness Care Group . Before you attend a session, we would like to talk to the family or social worker to gauge the individual’s cognitive ability, interests and personality so that we match them with a group at a similar level.

    Every family will get the first session free so they can assess us and get a good insight into what we do. After the first session we aim to create a routine, encouraging the individual to come along on the same day(s) each week.

    Note: We are ‘covid safe’ and follow a number of precautions and safety measures. More info.

    Active Minds

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