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The telephone check-in service

Please read the below information, or click to jump to the desired section, to find out more about our new companionship service aimed for those who suffer from loneliness or memory loss.

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    What is The Ness Care Group Calls service?

    The Ness Care Group Calls is an essential home care dementia package that ensures recipients regularly hear a friendly voice, feel supported, are listened to and are mentally stimulated.

    Our proactive support is remotely operated by The Ness Care Group. By utilising new technologies, our specialist team of professionals can provide scheduled calls to individuals when they need them.

    Support services for those with memory difficulties

    We use the latest technologies to provide support and safety to those who are elderly, vulnerable, lonely or living with a condition such as dementia, mild memory loss or Alzheimer’s the support, companionship and stimulation they need during periods of isolation or loneliness.

    We understand how important it is for the individual’s support network and loved ones to be involved and fully informed, so the service is designed to flag up any issues or concerns that are uncovered and advise where further help may be needed.

    Safety is our top priority. This dementia care package is delivered in accordance with all UK Government guidelines. Learn more about our Coronavirus safety measures.

    What else can The Ness Care Group Calls check up on?

    In addition, the service allows for in-depth checks and reminders to be made on important things that can often be challenging for those with memory loss. Common examples include;

    • Medication – Ensuring that any prescribed medication is taken is vital. Our operators can make sure that this happens whilst they are on the phone, listening to them take a drink and swallow the tablet for confirmation.
    • Food and drink – Sometimes, eating and drinking can get forgotten or simply not be a priority for someone with memory problems. The Ness Care Group Calls can remind them about eating, and also ask them to check the fridge, tell us what’s inside and what the use-by dates are. This helps ensure they are getting healthy, balanced meals or snacks wherever possible.
    • General wellbeing – We can remind them about a visit or a medical engagement, and even ring again after to check that they did attend their appointment.
    • Support people who are lonely – Those with memory loss can often suffer from loneliness, anxiety and depression and therefore require extra reassurance and consistent communication. Daily calls from our friendly, experienced team offer the individual time to talk about themselves and their day, or anything else they would like to chat about!

    Who benefits from this support service?

    This memory loss and dementia support service is perfect for those who live alone and need more in-depth interaction to remind or encourage them to perform important tasks such as eating and drinking regularly or taking medication. It is also perfect for individuals who are lonely living alone, and would benefit from hearing a reliable, friendly voice.

    We have found this service reduces anxiety for families who are isolating in a different household, being unable to visit as often as they would like or geographically removed from their loved ones, providing them with peace of mind and security in the knowledge that someone is there to check-in consistently. This service is available nationwide.

    How does it work?

    We offer a memory loss and dementia support service that responds to your loved one’s needs. Simply tell us the time you would like us to call them, how many calls daily or weekly and what you would like us to help with.

    The Ness Care Group Calls team will create continuity to build a relationship and friendship between the individual and the caller.

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    “The care provided by The Ness Care Group is invaluable to my husband’s wellbeing and I have noticed considerable differences in his confidence in the last 3 months. I would highly recommend The Ness Care Group to anyone looking for dementia care in Devon”

    – Berly, Wife

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    Or, if you would like more information regarding our memory loss or dementia support service and how it could help you or your loved one, we can offer a short no-obligation call from a member of our experienced team. Simply fill in the form below with your details, phone our team on 01626 774 799 or send an email to [email protected].

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