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How we work with local care homes

Our partnership with care homes works in two ways; either we link directly with the family and organize to take the resident out for the day, and bring them to our daytime wellness hub at The Ness Dementia Centre. This can help with some of the symptoms associated with the disease, but will also give that person social interaction and stimulation. Or we work with the residential home and organize to take a group or residents out for classes, outings or to join our activities.

Working with care professionals at our dementia day care centre

Recently, we have also opened up The Ness Shed. This is a pottery and wood workspace specifically designed for those with dementia and offers classes to care home residents to enjoy getting creative. The residents would be able to book an afternoon at The Ness Shed with a specialist teacher to give there group a unique experience and something to mention to the CQC!

How we work with social workers and health care professionals

We have an incredibly close working relationship with both primary care and social care. Many of our members will have been referred through social services or recommended by their GP surgery. We will also keep in touch with the health and social care teams to report any cognitive decline or health concerns.

On a weekly basis, we also have physiotherapists and chiropodists who will offer support to our members.

Many of our clients are fully funded through social services and we will support families in navigating this financial support.

Benefits of using a combined approach to dementia care

Dementia is a complex disease in which drugs only have a limited efficacy and families need to draw together multiple different ways in order to enable the individual to continue to live a full life. However, the benefits of a combined approach are enormous and include:

  • Ability to stay in their own home for 50% longer than those without specialist support
  • A higher quality of life
  • Less symptoms associated with the disease
  • A greater ability to interact socially
  • An easier acceptance of those outside family offering support and care
  • A truly person-centred holistic approach to dementia care

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