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The Ness Care Group are leading specialists in dementia and cognitive health.


Providing research-based clinical care and support to both families and individuals suffering from dementia or memory loss.
We offer a complete range of care services that respond to changing needs.


Each day we run specialist dementia therapies and activities, designed to be fun and stimulating, whilst also giving respite to the family. Available in Teignmouth and Chudleigh.


Stimulating, engaging and therapeutic sessions across Devon for those with dementia or memory loss, run by a specialist CST coach.


Taking all we have learnt at The Ness Hubs and delivering it to individuals in the comfort of their own home.


Our Ness coach runs virtual cognitive stimulation therapy sessions designed to maintain cognitive function, using an online meeting tool.

A message from
our founder, Jonathan

Thank you so much for visiting our website to discover the many ways The Ness Care Group provide innovative and compassionate treatments for individuals and families living with dementia and memory loss.

There are almost 1 million people living with dementia today and 52% of the UK population know someone with dementia.  It is a disease that can often be misunderstood which makes it so important to engage with specialists early in the journey.  I passionately believe that through expert, compassionate treatment we can delay cognitive decline and maintain individuals in their community for longer.  To discuss your individual care needs please contact our team on: 01626 774799.

Jonathan Hanbury
Ness Hubs Devon
dementia support devon

Why choose The Ness Care Group?

As specialists in Dementia and cognitive health and wellbeing, our mission is to prolong an individual’s independence and to empathically support families and individuals living with dementia.

The recipients of our care and therapy will benefit from the following:

  • Highly qualified members of staff – Our team have completed a 1:1 in-depth course on the theory and physiology of the disease and research based treatments associated with health and well being.
  • We will reduce the financial burden – By working with us you can delay the admission into 24-hour care by more than 6 months, saving thousands of pounds.
  • Create personal relationships – We work with you for a minimum of 1 hour each session and up to 5 days if you require it.
  • The best therapy methods – We use cognitive stimulation therapy and reminiscence therapy which have been proven to help slow deterioration.

We provide dementia treatment through our group based therapies, specialist outreach and virtual support.

Early intervention is key to fighting memory loss and dementia. This is why we quickly establish tailored care plans for each individual that use research based cognitive therapy, social engagement, brain stimulation and innovative memory games to slow down their deterioration.

To respond to the individuals changing needs we offer the following 4 services:

  • Ness Hubs (Specialist hubs designed to improve health and wellbeing)
  • Ness Outreach (home based 1:1 therapy)
  • Ness Virtual Therapy (online cognitive therapy & carer support)
  • Active Minds (Group based clinical treatment)

Social engagement and cognitive stimulation have shown to slow the progression of some memory loss conditions. We use the latest research led therapy to support the individual and offer respite to the informal caregiver.

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