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The leading specialists in dementia and cognitive health across Devon.

Why choose The Ness Care Group?

The specialist treatments we use at our clinical dementia day care centre are recommended by the NHS and aim to delay cognitive decline and maintain an individual’s independence.

Specialist Clinical Team

The organisation is led by registered healthcare professionals, who clinically assess every client and train our specialist staff

Measurable Benefits

Every individual has a free clinical assessment and using validated NHS tools, we track and monitor the progress of the disease to prove delayed deterioration and improved engagement.

Maintaining Independence

Our aim is to delay the need for more complex expensive care. The research shows that if you engage with a specialist dementia service as soon as possible, an individual will remain independent and at home for longer than if they had no contact with a specialist organisation.

Dementia classes in Devon

well-Ness classes & courses

Our weekly, fun 90-minute classes are on topics like gardening, creative arts, music & exercise, wood work in our shed and singing & music appreciation. 

They are designed for those who might be isolated, frail or worried about their memory. 

Our Services

Providing research-based clinical care and support to both families and individuals suffering from dementia or memory loss. We offer a complete range of care services that respond to changing needs.

Specialist Hubs

Our Hubs across Devon are open up to 6 days a week. We work with individuals at different stages of the illness. We run specialist therapies, offer information, support, respite for carers and access to a clinical team.

Group Therapy

Using the NHS recommended treatment called Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, we work with small groups in the early stages of memory loss.

Home Therapy

Our outreach team offer 1:1 support in the home and are highly trained and focus on building a therapeutic, consistent relationship to improve the individuals mental healthand social stimulation.


These classes are meant to help all those who are at risk of isolation or want to keep their minds sharp! Weekly classes include gardening, creative arts, exercise, wood work and singing & music appreciation.

A message from our founder, Jonathan

Thank you for visiting our website to discover the ways we provide innovative and compassionate treatments for individuals and families living with dementia and memory loss.

There are almost 1 million people living with dementia today and it is a disease that can often be misunderstood. This makes it so important to engage with specialists early in the journey and I passionately believe that through expert treatment, we can delay cognitive decline and maintain individuals in their community for longer. Request a complimentary consultation today.

Complimentary consultation

Call our friendly team on 01626 774799 or submit your details below to receive a complimentary consultation.

We will discuss your individual situation, treatment options and how you can try our services for free.

Mike’s case study

Read about how Mike came to The Ness Care Group, the therapy he has been receiving, and how our Active Minds sessions have not only helped with his social confidence and mood, but also allowed him to retain his independence.

Mike reached out to us soon after he was diagnosed with dementia. He was living on his own and wanted to maintain his independence and his cognitive function. Mike was in his early 70’s a recently retired accountant, with an active life but he knew that he wasn’t pushing his memory.

Our Active Minds (AM) dementia day care centre service was designed for individuals living with mild to moderate memory loss. It uses a therapy called Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) to maintain an individual’s memory, to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s and other similar dementia diagnosis.

Mike started joining a small group session every Wednesday morning. The group consisted of 4 people and a specialist facilitator each week they would talk, discuss topics of interest and the facilitator would prepare a carefully targeted stimulating session that pushed their minds through words, numbers, reminiscence or other systems. Each session lasted around 2 hours and there was lots of laughter, engagement and fun. Mike engaged really well and family/friends noticed an immediate increase in his language, his social confidence and his mood.

A year later Mike now attends for 2 sessions a week. They are the highlight of his week and he continues to communicate well. We have been measuring Mike from the moment he started with us and each week the facilitator has taken a set of measures to gage his communication, his memory, his executive function, happiness, movement and social engagement. What has been so amazing over the year is that in each of the measured fields Mike has remained completely stable we have noted no decline in his memory or communication. Probably more importantly he continues to remain living alone, independent and even moved house during the year (a stressful process for even the most mentally & physically well).

The group he joined on a Wednesday morning over a year ago have become good friends and support each other through advice, emotional support and the laughter they share in the sessions. Mike is why we run Active Minds, he shows us that we can delay decline, we can continue to remain independent and we can have a full social life!