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Virtual dementia therapy for those with memory loss

Please read the information below or click the headings to go to your desired section for more information about how our virtual dementia help service can benefit you or your loved one.

If you would like to book a FREE session, please phone 01626 774 799 or fill in the contact form.

“As a carer I benefit from the sessions as Mum had something planned to look forward to independent of me and the cognitive stimulation provided by these sessions definitely helps to support her mood and general sense of wellbeing.”

– Nic Shaw

Who is this service for?

The person living with memory loss – The Ness coach runs virtual cognitive stimulation therapy sessions designed to maintain cognitive function. The therapy runs for 14 sessions and has been proven to slow cognitive decline. The sessions incorporate a range of fun and social talking activities which work the different functions of the brain. These include reminiscence, language, numeracy, creative and practical activities, discussions focussed on opinions and not on facts, cognitive games such as word or number games, physical games, and orientation using seasonal activities and observations.

The informal dementia caregiver – The Ness coach runs a virtual support service on specific topics related to dementia. Families can request a single one-off session or a series of sessions with a trained dementia coach.

The Ness Virtual service
video based dementia therapy

How does it work?

We have partnered with an exciting new company called Kraydel that connects us with you through the television. This is an incredibly simple solution designed for those with memory difficulties and allows you to not only video call with us but stay in touch with your whole family. Kraydel set everything up making the process of getting online and getting active easy.

Our process is set out below.

  1. Contact The Ness by calling 01626 774 799 to arrange your FREE consultation.
  2. The Ness team will be in touch to determine the most appropriate programme for you and gather the relevant information.
  3. We will send you a step by step guide to access our service through the television.
  4. Sessions done through the television but can also be done on a computer, tablet or desktop. (If you need help in accessing a device to use, please contact us).
  5. Sessions typically last 40 minutes and can be done as a one-off, or as often as the individual would like.

The Ness coaches are very friendly professionals with their own areas of expertise, allowing us to link you with a coach who is a perfect match for your individual needs.

Who can benefit from The Ness Virtual Service?

We draw upon years of experience supporting individuals living with a range of memory difficulties. We use our resources and expertise to maintain someone’s abilities as well as build supportive relationships to help families navigate the journey ahead.

Virtual coaching sessions can benefit:

  • Those newly diagnosed or worried by their memory
  • Those with mild to moderate dementia
  • The husband/wife/partner of someone with dementia (all stages)
  • Family and friends who want to understand the disease
  • Families and informal carers who support someone with advanced dementia and need help to transition towards 24hr care
Digital Remote Support | Atlas Respite and Therapy
Digital Remote Support | Atlas Respite and Therapy

Help & Support for the Primary Caregiver

Although we focus our video calls on offering cognitive stimulation to those with memory loss we also recognise the importance of supporting the primary caregiver and helping them to understand the disease so they can better support the person living with dementia.

We have a specialist nurse that can be booked for an online consultation. They are experts in the disease and can help you navigate both the disease journey and the complex health & social care processes.

If you would like to book a session with a nurse please get in touch or complete the online form.

Costs & free trial

The Ness Care Group maintain our prices very competitively and each of our services have a specific cost.  However, we work closely with health & social care and have a contract across Devon that means many can get partial or total funding support from social care.  We will help you with accessing social care assessments and also applying for attendance allowance.  Please call or email to get the full pricing lis

We understand that for some people, interacting virtually may be a new experience. Therefore we offer a free trial session with one of our specialist nurses to see how it works. Call our team on 01626 774 799 to get started.

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