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For those wanting 1:1 dementia support service in their own home. Our outreach team are highly trained and focus on building a therapeutic, consistent relationship to improve the individuals mental health, give families respite and offer social stimulation.

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Quality care in your own home

Our Outreach team take the experience and expert clinical therapies from our Ness dementia day care hubs into an individual’s home. Working 1:1 using dementia treatments to engage and stimulate an individual to help maintain their independence and delay the need for more continuous care. Our Outreach is designed to help those who either can’t reach our dementia day care centre hubs or who struggle in group activities and flourish with more focused 1:1 support.

We are not a domiciliary care company but rather focus on the mental and physical health of individuals. The Outreach team visit for a minimum of 90 minutes which allows them time to build a therapeutic relationship. We aim to allocate a single member of our team to each client so that over time they can build a strong friendship and help the family through the dementia journey.

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Our focus

The Outreach team’s focus is on 3 goals: therapeutic stimulation designed to maintain someone’s health and wellbeing, building a strong compassionate friendship through continuity of care and providing dementia support services near you to the family throughout the dementia journey with information and respite.

However, we do acknowledge that many of our clients often receive domiciliary care services as well as requiring our own specialist service. Therefore we work with the existing carer and care team to organise the best time for us to visit and to create a comprehensive support package that is perfectly suited to the individual.


The Ness Group maintain our prices very competitively and each of our services have a specific cost.  However, we work closely with health & social care and have a contract across Devon that means many can get partial or total funding support from social care. 

We will help you with accessing social care assessments and also applying for attendance allowance.  Please call or email to get the full pricing list. Please enquire for further details or phone our team on 01626 774799 for a full pricing list.

Why is home care beneficial for those with memory difficulties?

Our specialist team offers social and cognitive support which research suggests can stimulate the individual both physically and mentally slowing disease progression.  Aside from the improved quality of life and social interaction, our outreach services offer the following;

  • The much-needed dementia respite care for informal carers to give them time to catch up on rest or complete chores.
  • Memory loss home care stimulates the individual both physically and mentally which research suggests slows disease progression.
  • Widening the social connections with our carers improves psychological and emotional health, building self-esteem. The earlier you build a trusting relationship with individuals outside the immediate family, the more successful external support will be later in the disease progression.
  • At home care for those with dementia builds self-esteem and encourages independence.
  • The chance for informal carers to seek guidance, advice or tips from our experienced memory carers.

“I just wanted to send you a brief note to thank you for your ongoing support especially to my sister. Its been a testing period but now we know why 1+1 never equalled 2 we have built a strong relationship between us which was never there…a positive out of a sad situation. Your support is priceless so thanks again.”

Why choose The Ness for memory loss & dementia treatment & support at home?

Highly qualified, specialist staff – Every member of our team has completed a 1:1 in-depth course on the theory and physiology of the disease and activities associated with health and well being.

Innovative team – Based on the Buurtzorg model, we are always looking for new ways to support our teams so we can offer the best service for the family.

Create personal relationships – We work 1:1 with you for a minimum of 1 hour each session and up to 5 hours or more if you require it, allowing trust and a genuine relationship to be built.

The best therapy methods – We use cognitive stimulation therapy and reminiscence therapy which have been proven to help slow memory deterioration.