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Dementia Care during Covid

At our dementia hubs in Devon, we strive to maintain individuals cognitive health, reduce deterioration and lighten the load for families and existing caregivers.

To be Covid safe and reassure families that it is safe to send their loved ones to our centre, we have outlined our new approach to dementia care.

Our model is different from the way that we worked in the past, to ensure we offer a higher quality, safer service, whilst providing improved dementia benefits.

Measures we have put in place to keep our members safe

At all times, the health and wellness of our staff and members is an absolute priority. To keep in line with the current government guidelines, we have put in place some changes to keep everyone reassured whilst they are attending our hubs and services.

Working in small groups and maintaining social distancing

Firstly, we have divided the Ness dementia hub into 3 smaller zones, all with separate entrance and exits. Each zone will be limited to 4 members and 1 member of staff to enable social distancing and create autonomous bubbles. The members and staff in each zone will not mix and will remain the same for each visit. The huge benefit to this is that we can offer a far more therapeutic relationship that really helps the individual build confidence, connections and improves their mental health.

PPE equipment

After risk assessing both the space and all those who attend the hub it has been decided that while inside The Ness staff and members won’t be expected to use masks. This is due to the concern that masks can increase confusion & anxiety and the critical importance of compassionate and clear communication with those living with dementia. A mask places a barrier between the client and staff that can hinder the therapeutic relationship.

This has been very carefully considered and we felt that stringent cleaning, handwashing and social distancing is a far more effective barrier to the spread of any possible virus then the misuse of a face mask.

All PPE equipment will be used when using any vehicle, when outside The Ness, when in bathrooms and when we are unable to abide by social distancing. Masks, aprons and gloves will be available to staff if they do need to get close to a member to help them.


Excellent communication is critical to dementia day care and ensuring the safety of all our clients. Therefore The Ness Manager will create a daily log to report on the following:

  • Any incidents related to COVID-19
  • Any symptoms if they are noted in a member of staff or client
  • Daily briefing with The Ness Leaders
  • Ensure a cleaning register is completed daily

Other safety and hygiene measures include;

As well as social distancing and keeping good levels of communication with the families and clients, we will also be implementing the following safety and hygiene measures:

  • All staff are vaccinated and boosted
  • Staff will have daily temperature and wellness checks
  • Arrival times will be staggered so that no zone arrives at the same time
  • Each client will be required to thoroughly wash their hands before entering, and between each session
  • All activities will be completed at a distance and following strict hand hygiene requirements
  • The Ness transport systems will be limited and PPE will be worn at all times
  • The centre and vehicles will adhere to strict, regular deep cleaning at the end of each session

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Home Outreach

If you or your loved one is not quite ready to commit to attending our dementia hub in person, we are still able to offer the same level of dementia care during our home enablement sessions.

We understand how important it is to continue social engagement, encourage external stimulation and practice cognitive therapies to retain memory abilities. This is especially important for those who suffer from memory problems like dementia.

Call our team on 01626 774 799 to book your home enablement session, or learn more about the service.

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We hope this reassures families and commissioners that returning to The Ness service will be as safe as possible. We do however apologise if the new model creates any inconvenience.

We will be keeping a close eye on any new guidance, and will update our members and their families immediately if this leads to any changes that may affect them.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding our services, please contact us, phone our team on 01626 774 799, or learn more about each of our services by clicking the links below:

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Benefits of The Ness Care Group Approach to Dementia Home Care

Due to the current unprecedented times that we’re living in, we are delighted to have been able to continue to offer our dementia and memory loss services across the community as part of our home care offering.

Our goal has always been to provide outstanding and engaging dementia support to those who need it, so while our Day Centre was temporarily closed, we wanted to make sure that we could still see our dementia patients and their families for regular activities and companionship.

Home care for dementia patients offers a wide range of benefits, such as slowing the deterioration of the disease, improving emotional wellbeing, offering precious respite to families and staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

In this article, we cover all of these benefits and more, as well as outline how our dementia care professionals can provide the compassionate, specialist care your loved one needs to feel stimulated, but safe.

Remaining in a familiar environment

One of the biggest benefits of caring for someone living with dementia in their own home is that it allows the individual to remain in an environment they are familiar with and comfortable in.

As the disease progresses some people find it hard to leave their home or have greater confusion, and a familiar environment offers a great deal of security and peace of mind.

However, despite them being at home it is still incredibly important that the individual remains stimulated and connected to their community. We are more than happy to accommodate this, and love visiting our clients in their own home to maintain their cognitive function, social connections and to enjoy a cuppa.

Regular routines

Just as familiar surroundings make dementia patients feel safer, the same can be said for daily and weekly routines. Maintaining a simple schedule can help reduce anxiety and confusion.

A fundamental aspect of our dementia home care service is that we create a personalised person-centred care plan for each dementia patient we work with. This includes a range of stimulating activities, cognitive therapies and social interactions. This means that the individual will reduce memory deterioration and know what to expect from our visits.

We find that this approach can be extremely successful for patients who thrive on familiarity and repetition.

The ability to adapt to the individual

The Ness Care Group’s approach to home care for dementia patients is designed to be flexible. We take the time to get to know your loved one and their wider family to create a care plan that perfectly suits them.

If their needs change, we can change with them. Whether that means increasing or decreasing the frequency of our visits, working in conjunction with other care professionals, or adapting the dementia activities we lead to better suit the patient’s likes and dislikes.

Meaningful activities

Many studies show that participating in engaging activities such as music therapy, art therapy, dance or other creative outlets has a positive effect on mental health, physical health and social functioning in those living with dementia.

Our home care visits encompass all of these activities and more to ensure that our clients remain stimulated, and that positive developments are made (both mentally and physically).

If you‘re looking for activities you can at home with your loved one, read our article: Activities you can do at home in between your dementia home care and dementia day care visits.


It’s not just about stimulating activities and dementia therapies; we believe that providing companionship is just as vital. This is particularly true for those living with dementia who are living alone, or whose social circle has been limited due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our dementia home enablers will visit as often as you would like, and will become a reliable, friendly face for your loved one to sit down and have a good chat with. It can be very easy for those living with dementia to isolate themselves from social interaction, which can lead to anxiety or depression and mental deterioration. Because of this, maintaining a level of communication with people from outside of the household is extremely important.

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