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The Ness model was designed to allow individuals the opportunity to remain in their own home for as long as possible by creating safe spaces that utilise the latest research and treatment to maintain an individuals cognitive health, reduce isolation and offer respite for carers. These goals came together perfectly with Glenda. Glenda sadly passed away this summer and will be greatly missed by all of us at The Ness. She had an amazing smile, sense of humour and an optimism that was infectious.

Glenda first came to The Ness Hub in 2017 a few weeks after we opened. She lived a few doors away and at 80 years old had been diagnosed with mixed dementia. She wanted to stay at home, independent, in her community and surrounded by her family.

Glenda started attending one afternoon a week in 2017 and she continued to attend our specialist hub for the next 5 years. By 2022 she was attending everyday continuing to laugh, engage and enjoy her time at The Hub. Importantly she was safe, she ate a good meal everyday and she continued to remain in her home despite now having very advanced dementia, mobility challenges and some continence difficulties.

Every day we went across to collect Glenda and on each visit she would gain social connection, mental stimulation and physical therapy. If Glenda had not had access to the Hub or had the opportunity to socialise, chat and push her memory, research shows she would have deteriorated more rapidly, become acutely isolated and required 24 hour care prior to her death, precipitating carer breakdown and social care crisis intervention. She would no doubt have had to go into residential care (against her pre-diagnosis wishes) and at huge financial cost.

In June 2022 Glenda passed away quietly and comfortably in hospital without requiring acute intervention, and never once going into residential care or requiring more than daily carer support. She attended the hub up to a week before her death. This case study perfectly illustrates the impact The Ness can have on an individual and demonstrates the ability to delay cognitive deterioration.

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