New dementia hub opening in Exmouth this summer

Many of us are aware of the shocking statistics around dementia; 1 in 3 of us will know someone living with this illness. In the UK today there are more than 900,000 people diagnosed with dementia and it remains one of the highest killers in the UK with 12.5% of all deaths attributed to dementia in 2019. Over 20% of those in their 80’s will have some form of cognitive impairment.

The latest census in 2021 for Exmouth suggested there are over 45,000 people over 65 and that represents over 30% of the total population (East Devon Gov UK). In comparison, individuals over 65 years make up only 18% of the whole UK population! There is a looming elderly care crisis in Exmouth & East Devon and this is why it is such exciting news that a new specialist dementia daycare centre is launching in Exmouth this July.

The East Devon commissioners have been working with The Ness Care Group to convert the old Withycombe maternity centre on Withycombe village road into a state-of-the-art memory service. This will be a first for Devon and offers families a host of support.

Just some of the services that will be offered at the dementia daycare centre will include:

  • Reminiscence therapy and cognitive therapy running every day to help stimulate and maintain your memory.
  • A men’s shed – a specialist space to tinker, share a cup of tea and build things.
  • A garden to grow vegetables, drink tea and enjoy the sunshine.
  • A café for families to meet and get peer support. To talk to professionals and share their burdens.
  • Training space – A place for health professionals and professional carers to learn about dementia and become experts.
  • Access to specialist nurses and OTs to help families navigate the health & social care system.
  • Specialist Cognitive measurement – Daily measurements are taken so that families know exactly when there are changes and the best way to manage those changes. A unique opportunity to manage the diagnosis.
  • Time out (respite) for carers – The Hub looks after the individual all day allowing the family time off to rest or catch up on jobs.

Up until now families have often either struggled to get a diagnosis or once a diagnosis has been given they are left to fend for themselves with very little information on how to stimulate, care and support someone living with this long-term illness. It can feel very lonely and isolating and does result in carer burnout over time. While the person living with dementia isn’t getting the expert care they need to maintain their mental and physical health.

This July that is all changing and Exmouth families will be offered better care, better support and more information about dementia and the dementia support services available in Exmouth.

To find out more about the launch and everything happening visit our website or email [email protected].

If you are interested in our dementia daycare centre in Exmouth, join our waiting list by giving us a call on 01626 774 799.