Q&A with… Jade Barlow

We sat down with our Manager & Specialist Coach, Jade Barlow for a quick tea break and asked her some questions about working for Atlas, her dementia experience and her mantra in life…

How did you get involved in dementia care?

I studied Health & Social care at college and I had to find a placement, I was offered a space at The Croft residential home in Newton Abbot, this is an E.M.I setting. Throughout my time here I learned a lot and gained so much experience I enjoyed it so much I was offered a permanent position alongside studying.

What do you love most about working for Atlas?

I have been with Atlas from the start, I have watched us grow and seen us through some tough times. However, working for Atlas has been my most favourite experience. Jonathan’s ability to create such an amazing & unique clinic has inspired me to help make us the BEST, that’s what i love most!

Tell me a memory that makes you smile when you’ve been working at Atlas

My most favourite memory was when we had therapy animals come in for the afternoon, we get to hold them and talk about them. Julie the animal expert placed the lizard in the middle of the room on a box so he can just relax, she then showed the others a rare Spanish cockroach.. She handed it to a chap called Keith, the cockroach started to move its legs which tickled Keith’s hands which made him scream & chuck the cockroach up in the air… the lizard then bolted to catch this cockroach in which he did and all you could hear was the crunching of this poor, rare cockroach. We then had a room full of members Hysterically laughing & moving about. Least to say she didn’t hand us the cockroaches again!!!

What does a typical day look like for you at Atlas?

A typical day for me is firstly, ensuring the boiler is on for our team to have a well deserved tea first thing. I start the day with a morning meeting, ensuring all information has been communicated. I look around the zones to make sure all is tidy & clean, I may help out with transport or preparing the rooms. Once everyone arrives I make sure I go and greet everyone once they have sat down, I spend half my time in the office doing all the admin and ensuring the centre runs smoothly. I am the one to communicate with families etc. Lunch period I always ensure I sit out with everyone.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

‘You are the Sky. Everything else is just the weather’

How would your family and friends describe you in 3 words?

Funny, Caring, Bubbly.
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