Q&A with Wayne Brant

Q&As from Wayne Brant, The Ness Hub at Chudleigh Manager.

How did you get involved in Dementia Care?

My grandmother had dementia so I fully understand the impact it has not only on the person, but also the immediate family. Because I spent a lot of my career with large corporate companies where the goal was chasing profit, I really wanted to make a change and help people, so the Ness, as a social enterprise geared towards helping our members and families, seemed an ideal fit.

What do you love most about working for The Ness?

That’s an easy one – the people. Both the team I work with and the members we look after are so lovely it makes coming to work a pleasure.

Tell me a memory that makes you smile whilst you have been working here…

There are so many good moments, but typically they revolve around when a member shares treasured memories from their lives, such as their Wedding day or their children growing up. By getting to know our members well, we can really tailor the experience to their needs and likes. Our members often have great pieces of advice. I remember a keen golfer saying to me “sometimes you end up in a bunker, but you are still out in the fresh air in the beautiful countryside”. A great mantra to live by – try and enjoy every moment.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

The first part of the day is always about preparation. As a team we have our 8.30 morning meeting to get ready for the day so we all know who we are looking after, what our objectives are and how to achieve them. The day really starts when our members arrive. Sociability is a key to engaging people and making them happy, so we often take our groups out for coffee, chat and quizzes at local hotels. Eating well is also a key to maintaining health so a good lunch is always high on the agenda. For the remainder of the day we use a range of physical and mental activities to ensure that we are getting the maximum benefit from the day. When I am not with the members, there is always paperwork to catch up on and the usual activities associated with running a hub.

What is your personal motto or mantra?

Work hard but if you are having a good time, all the people around you will be as well.

How would your family describe you in 3 words?

“Thinks he’s funny”! Seriously though I think they may say “caring, compassionate and dedicated”.

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