Why have we changed our name to The Ness Care Group?

This year, 2022, marks 5 years since we opened The Ness doors to help families living with dementia across South Devon. We are so proud of what we have achieved and grateful to be here 5 years on, continuing to help those living with this challenging illness.

We therefore felt it was the right time to celebrate this milestone and to refresh our brand. Along with this has come a change to our name to The Ness Care Group.  However, we want to share 3 important reasons why changing our name was important.

Firstly, our local reputation has grown and many families kindly recommend us to others, mentioning The Ness and the specialist work we do.  Over the last 5 years the name of our first hub has spread and more and more people know us as The Ness rather than Atlas Respite and Therapy.  In fact, many families may have never heard us referred to as Atlas Respite and Therapy and this can create confusion.  We felt it was important to reduce any confusion and have a single name, a single brand that everyone knows and can be shared with families and friends.

Secondly, The Ness has grown and transformed!  We offer a more clinical model designed to treat this illness, improve mental health and delay the need for residential care.  To impact on this illness and work with families throughout the journey we have expanded to offer families multiple different ways to get treatment.  Today we have:

  • The Ness Health & Wellbeing Hubs in Teignmouth & Chudleigh
  • The Ness Outreach that helps families in their homes across Torbay and Teignbridge
  • The Ness Active Minds that run fun cognitively stimulating sessions for those with mild to moderate memory loss across Devon & Torbay
  • The Ness Virtual which takes all our skills and learning and presents it online as virtual Zoom Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
  • The Ness Membership – A new service for carers to help them get specialist information, emotional support, courses and access to a nurse.
  • The Ness Learning – Education & Courses for health professionals

We are no longer a single service but rather a group of services, all with a mission to maintain someone’s cognitive function, improve mental health and help the family throughout the journey.

Finally, we felt The Ness represented what we do better than our old name.  The history of the name came from the local Teignmouth landmark (The Ness Cliffs) but it was also because we believe we all need more AwareNESS, HappiNess & WellNESS in order to live well with dementia.  Those three adjectives are at the heart of what we are trying to do as The Ness Care Group.

To find out more information on our services or to book a free trial session, please visit www.nesscaregroup.co.uk or call 01626 774 799.