Why is early diagnosis of Dementia important?

Early diagnosis of dementia

Early diagnosis of dementia is essential!  Most are unaware that dementia is treatable, by ‘treatable’ I do not mean curable but we can with expert help maintain an individual’s brain […]

Press Release

Dementia & Palliative Care Conference

Rowcroft and The Ness Care Group unveil groundbreaking Dementia and Palliative Care Conference in the South West Rowcroft Hospice is thrilled to unveil its plans to host a Dementia and […]

Part 2 Compassionate Communication

Dementia care compassionate communication

In part 1 on compassionate communication, I spoke about the impact of verbal, non-verbal and the external environment on communication.  I picked out 4 tips for improving communication: Recognise that […]

Part 1 Compassionate Communication

Dementia care Compassionate Communication

In this blog we explore what it means to communicate well with someone living with dementia. What you can do to ensure compassionate enabling communication. It is a topic close […]

Q&A with… Cora Wilkie

How did you get involved in dementia care? As a social psychologist I have always been interested in Ageing. I find it a challenging stage in life and I admire […]

Q&A with… Kate Bath

Kate donohue

We caught up with our Specialist Coach, Kate Bath to ask her a quick fire Q&A… How did you get involved in dementia care? I originally got into Dementia care […]

Q&A with… Jade Barlow

Jade Barlow-Smith

We sat down with our Manager & Specialist Coach, Jade Barlow for a quick tea break and asked her some questions about working for Atlas, her dementia experience and her […]

Technology in Dementia

Technology in Dementia | Atlas Repsite & Therapy News

For many years I have been sceptical about the potential of technology in cognitive decline. Not against it but sceptical and I must admit a little frustrated that a lot […]