Dementia care funding advice… How to pay for dementia home care and dementia day care in Devon

If your loved one is showing early signs of dementia, you should consider the impact that the disease may have on their finances. It’s important to give thought to whether you will need extra support to care for them, which may be through the use of a dementia day centre, dementia home care, or later down the line, a dementia care home.

In this article, we provide important dementia care funding advice based on our knowledge and experience of those living with the disease.

What dementia care funding could be available?

Continuing healthcare funding

This type of funding is by no means available to everyone but is worth exploring to see if you can receive it. It may be the case that in the early stages you will not be eligible, but you’ll be able to re-apply at a later date.

Continuing healthcare is funded by the NHS and can be provided if you have ‘ongoing significant health needs and require care because of the nature of your health needs.’

An article by Age UK explains a bit more about this type of funding, read it here >>

The assessment criteria for this type of funding, we’ve found, is quite in-depth, meaning you will need to tick a lot of boxes to be eligible. An article written by the Alzheimers Society provides some helpful information on preparing for the assessment, read it here >>

Local authority funding

To receive this type of funding you will need to prove that certain criteria are met in terms of the care needs required. This includes, but is not restricted to some of the following:

Is the individual able to:

  • Maintain and manage their nutrition – this may include preparing their own food.
  • Continue to use their home properly and safely – this means using stairs, and accessing the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Maintain and develop family and friend relationships.

You can read the full list here >>

This form of funding will also take into account the individual’s wellbeing. However, it is worth noting that regardless of funding it is always worth getting a social care assessment and asking for your dementia day care services to be paid through your local authority. This offers you discounts and protection from tax.

Attendance Allowance (AA)

This funding is available to those that require extra support during the day or night due to a mental or physical disability. Your loved one may be eligible if:

  • They are over the state pension age, and
  • Satisfy one the AA disability tests

You can learn more about the criteria and disability tests here >>

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) now Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Different PIP bands offer various levels of payouts and, in some cases, individuals with dementia will be entitled to this funding.

Your loved one will be assessed on various elements to qualify, including:

  • Their ability to carry out daily activities safely, and
  • Their level of mobility

Learn more here >>

Carer’s allowance

If you look after someone for more than 35 hours per week, you may be eligible for carer’s allowance through the NHS, which entitles you to £64.60 a week. If you care for someone for fewer hours, you may still be eligible for some carer benefits, these are called carers credits and are available to those caring for someone for over 20 hours a week.

Learn more about carer’s allowance here >>

I am eligible for funding, can I use it against care at your centre?

Yes, you can use your funding to pay for care at our centre, for the following services:

Dementia home care

Our specialist dementia home care service works with the individual in their own home, gaining their trust and enabling them to stay active and socially engaged.

Learn more here >>

The Ness Dementia Centre

Our dementia day care centre in Devon is open Monday – Friday, and available for individuals at all stages of dementia. Our experienced team will develop a personal, bespoke plan taking into account their specific needs and requirements.

Learn more here >>

The Ness Shed

The Ness Shed provides individuals the chance to take part in 2-hour hands-on sessions of pottery or woodwork. These are pre-scheduled classes with an experienced teacher and are suitable for those with varying levels of dementia.

Learn more here >>

Contact Atlas today for further dementia care funding advice

We hope you found this article useful, but if you would like any more support, please feel free to get in touch with our team who will be able to offer additional dementia care funding advice, or at least point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, if you are interested in trying out our dementia day centre in Devon, give us a call on 01626 774 799 for a free trial.