Why are memory cafes important within the community?

A memory cafe, also known as a dementia cafe, is a long-standing model that is popular in villages, towns and cities across the UK.

They are usually set up by a local interest group within the community, then supported by local volunteers. Memory cafes provide individuals in early diagnosis living with dementia a safe, relaxed and friendly place to enjoy a chat, lighthearted activities and some tea and cake, in addition, they provide a great support service for families and carers.

What are the benefits of memory cafes?

To those living with dementia

It’s hugely important that individuals with dementia receive regular interaction with others as this will help with their confidence. Attending a memory cafe and talking to like-minded people can trigger mental stimulation and provide an informative and friendly space to answer any questions they may have, which is especially useful in the early stages of receiving the diagnosis.

Keeping both mind and body active is key when living with this disease, and memory cafes will also provide activities to take part in, which can range from a simple quiz, dancing or light exercise.

If your loved one becomes a regular visitor to a memory cafe, friendships will always be made, which is crucial for keeping a happy and positive mindset.

To family members and friends

In some instances, dementia will be completely new and you may not know where to look for the right information. This is when memory cafes can become a huge help in the early stages. You will be able to receive professional support, as well as advice and information from those going through the same thing. Sometimes, having someone to talk to can make a world of difference.

To the local community

Memory cafes have 1 main purpose, to bring people together. For many, knowing that they have local support can really boost their mood and help deal with the diagnosis. Most memory cafes only run with the help of the volunteers that dedicate their time within the community, which creates a huge sense of belonging, love, and general ‘togetherness’. It’s these initiatives that bring everyone together!

Have you heard about our memory cafes?

Atlas has recently set up 3 memory cafes across Torbay that are suitable for those living with dementia. All our cafes can accept people at any stage of the disease and are particularly beneficial to individuals who have just been diagnosed. Learn more here about how early intervention can have a huge impact on dementia deterioration.

Details on each of our Devon memory cafes are below;


Address: Babbacombe Memory Cafe, St Anne’s Hall, 134 Babbacombe Road, TQ1 3SR

Opening times: Tuesday 1.30 – 3.30pm


Address: Brixham Memory Cafe, United Reformed Church, New Road, Brixham, TQ5 8NE

Opening times: Wednesday 1.30 – 3.30pm


Address: Paignton Memory Cafe, Sacred Heart RC Church, Cecil Road, Paignton, TQ3 2SF

Opening times: Thursday 1.30 – 3.30pm

Click here for more information on our memory cafes in Devon as well as directions and contact information.

Need extra dementia support?

In addition to our memory cafes, we also have a range of other dementia services in South Devon which vary depending on the level of support you or your loved one require.

The Ness Dementia Centre

Based in Teignmouth, the Ness Dementia Centre provides day care for individuals living with dementia. Open Monday – Friday, members can choose how often they visit, with the average person visiting 2-3 times a week. Our team works closely with each and every individual and provides a bespoke menu of activities that aim to boost confidence, social interaction, memory and much more. Learn more about The Ness Centre here.

The Ness Shed

New in 2019, The Ness Shed provides shorter practical and manual classes to individuals with dementia, such as pottery. Classes take place 1-2 times a week and last for approximately 2 hours. To learn more click here or to book a session, click here.

Dementia Home Care

Also known as home enablement, this service works with the individual in their own home. This is ideal for individuals who are not yet confident enough to visit a day centre or memory cafe, but need extra stimulation, social interaction and support that they may not be getting with their carer or family member. Learn more here.

Get in contact with Atlas today

Whether you are interested in visiting one of our memory cafes for the first time, or keen to volunteer, we always welcome you to trial our services first.

For memory cafe bookings, email [email protected] and for all other Atlas service bookings, including free trials for the Ness Shed, Dementia Centre or home enablement, get in contact here or call us on 01626 774 799.